Pharmacovigilance And Selected System Organ Classes423

34. Dermatological ADRs 425

Laurence Valeyrie and Jean-Claude Roujeau

35. Gastrointestinal ADRs 435

John R. Wood and Graham A. Pipkin

36. Haematological ADRs 449

Sarah Davis and Ronald D. Mann

37. Hepatic Adverse Drug Reactions 459

Guruprasad P. Aithal and Christopher P. Day

38. Ocular ADRs 475

F.W. Fraunfelder and F.T. Fraunfelder

39. Drug Safety in Pregnancy 483

Christina D. Chambers and Elizabeth B. Andrews

40. ADRs and Drug Safety 1999-2000 491

Pauline Curel and Rosie Stather

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