Basis Of Pharmacovigilance1

1. Introduction 3

Ronald D. Mann and Elizabeth B. Andrews

Nicholas Macfarlane, Gabrielle Turner, Caroline Moore, Christoph Hiltl, Paule Drouault-Gardrat and Paolo Ricci

Robert P. Brady and Mark D. Learn

4. Ethical Oversight, Consent, and Confidentiality 37

Donna A. Boswell and Elizabeth B. Andrews

5. Pre-clinical Safety Evaluation 51

Norma Kellett, Stuart J. Mair and Walter S. Nimmo

6. Metabolic Mechanisms 57

Munir Pirmohamed and B. Kevin Park

7. Drugs and the Elderly 77

Una Martin and Charles George

8. Natural History 97

Paul E. Stang

9. Responding to Signals 105

Patrick C. Waller and Peter Arlett

10. Micturin and Torsades de Pointes 129

Richard N. Wild

11. Withdrawal of Terodiline: A Tale of Two Toxicities 135

Rashmi R. Shah

12. Nomifensine and Haemolytic Anaemia 155

Peter D. Stonier and J. Guy Edwards

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