Numbers Of Animal Studies In The United Kingdom

In 1999, in the United Kingdom, 2.66 million scientific procedures involving animals began. There has been a downward trend in total numbers since 1976. Species studied were mice (62%), rats (21%), guinea pigs (2%), birds (4%), fish (5%), ungulates (2%), rabbits (1.6%), dogs (0.3%) and non-human primates (0.15%).

Twenty-three percent of the total procedures was for pharmaceutical research and development and consisted mainly of rodents. Toxicology or safety evaluation accounted for 20% of the total number of procedures and this was 4% less than in 1998. Of these procedures, 80% was conducted in rodents. Other species accounted for less than 1% each of all toxicology procedures. Of the toxicology procedures, 86% was for legislative purposes.

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