Ic 2 Sd


Chi-square (Yates correction)

Cells a, b, c and d have to contain reports

Cells a and c have to contain reports

Cells a, b, c and d have to contain reports


Only for rare events

• Easily applicable

• Different adjustments possible in logistic regression analysis

• In logistic regression analysis, interaction terms can be used for the analysis of drug interactions and syndromes

• Easy interpretation

• Always applicable

• Large numbers of calculations can be made efficiently

• Can be used for pattern recognition in higher dimensions

• Correction for different covariates can be easily established in Poisson regression

• Always applicable

• Odds ratio and standard error cannot be calculated if denominator is zero (specific ADRs)

• Interpretation difficult

• Results not always reliable in the event of small numbers in cells a, b, c and d of the contingency table

• Standard error cannot always be calculated

• Standard error cannot always be calculated

• Difficult to interpret

• Relatively nontransparent for people not familiar with Bayesian statistics

• Only P-value provided

• Difficult to interpret

Reproduced from van Puijenbroek et al. (2002) by permission of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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