Hepatotoxicity To The Overall Burden Of Liver Disease

Drugs are responsible for between 2% and 6% of jaundice and about 10% of cases of ''acute hepatitis'' (Lewis and Zimmerman, 1989; Whitehead et al., 2001). In industrialised nations such as the United States, France and Denmark ADRs account for up to 20% of cases of acute hepatic failure, while it is less common (5%) in tropical countries such as India (Acharya et al., 1996; Ostapowicz et al., 1999). Drug-induced chronic hepatitis has been considered rare, even though it accounts for up to 6% of all chronic hepatitis (Aithal and Day, 1999). Drug hepatotoxicity almost certainly remains an important and often neglected cause of cholestasis, although its relative frequency among other cholestatic syndromes has not been reported. Drugs probably contribute to the aetiology of less than 1% of all liver tumors (Farrell, 1994).

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