Further Market Withdrawals

Within a week of the release of these study findings, phenylpropanolamine products were voluntarily withdrawn by several companies in the United States.828:2 Novartis Consumer Health voluntarily withdrew its phenylpropanolamine-containing cold and allergy products and announced that they had started to reformulate the products using pseudo-ephedrine as the decongestant ingredient. Over-the-counter phenylpropanolamine-containing products were also voluntarily withdrawn in the United States by the Eckerd Corporation, one of the largest retail drug chains in the United States, and by Longs Drugs. Furthermore, a leading online wholesaler of nutritional supplements, vitacost.com, now refuses to sell products containing phenylpropanol-amine and has urged other online retailers to do the same.

In Canada, SmithKline Beecham announced that it was voluntarily withdrawing phenylpropa-nolamine-containing products in view of the FDA public health advisory which was reinforced by Health Canada's subsequent health advisory.828:2 Other countries, including Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, are also following the line of the US FDA in recommending the withdrawal of phenylpropanolamine-containing products from their markets.831:2

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