Disease Prevalence In The Elderly

The prevalence of many diseases is age-related and several may co-exist in the same patient. These include hypertension (Hawthorne et al., 1974) osteoarthrosis (Lawrence, 1977) and prostatic hypertrophy (Berry et al., 1984). Age-specific mortality rates are shown for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, together with data for cancers, in Table 7.1 (British Heart Foundation, 2000) and morbidity data in Table 7.2 (British Heart Foundation, 2001).

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems related to atheroma are the most common cause of death in the elderly but are also a major source of suffering. Nevertheless, a huge majority of old people have osteoarthrosis of the joints and the lower limbs (Blackburn et al., 1994) causing pain and disability without threatening life

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Blood Pressure Health

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