The future for pharmacovigilance and pharmaco-epidemiology should be bright. That there is a need for this type of information is without doubt. The original vision of Professor Finney that it should be possible to uncover most significant drug-induced disorders by systematic analysis of routine information collected as part of everyday clinical practice is on the verge of fulfilment. Funding is a chronic problem for workers in the field. The pharmaceutical industry cannot be expected to fund all this effort. So far it has taken the lion's share of the initiative. Research Councils and others involved in the public conduct of affairs also need to contribute if the systems we have evolved to date are to realise their full potential. Hopefully, the twenty-first century will see an improvement in this area compared with the closing years of the previous decade. The signs are good with the Medicines Control Agency in the United Kingdom contributing substantially to the development of the General Practice Research Database in the last three years.

Pharmacovigilance. Edited by R.D. Mann and E.B. Andrews © 2002 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd ISBN: 0-471-49441-0

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