Appendix B

Haemopoietic reactions defined as non-serious on the ADROIT Medical Dictionary

Atypical lymphocytes Basophilia

Capillary fragility increased

Capillary permeability increased

Capillary resistance decreased

Clot retraction accelerated

Clot retraction retarded

Coagulation time decreased

Coombs direct test negative

Coombs direct test positive

Coombs test NOS positive

Decreased platelet count

Extramedullary haemopoeisis

Factor V deficiency

Factor VII deficiency

Familial polycythaemia

Fibrin decreased

Fibrin increased

Fibrinogen plasma decreased

Fibrinogen plasma increased

Fibrinolysis decreased

Fibrinolysis increased

Haemoglobin decreased

Haemoglobin electrophoresis abnormal


Idiopathic purpura

Inhibitory antibodies to Factor IX

Inhibitory antibodies to Factor VIII

Inhibitory antibodies to Factor VIII C

Leucocytosis NOS

Leukaemoid reaction

Lymph node tenderness


March haemoglobinuria



Plasma viscosity decreased

Plasma viscosity increased


Prothrombin time decreased

Reticuloendothelial system stimulated

Schilling test abnormal

Schumm's test positive

Serum iron abnormal

Spherocytic anaemia (exc congenital)

Spleen disorder NOS

Stress polycythaemia


Total iron binding capacity abnormal

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