List of Abbreviations

ADME Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion

AUC Area under the curve (drug in plasma)

CD Cyclodextrin

Cmax Maximum concentration (drug in plasma)

CMC Critical micelle concentration

Cs Saturation solubility

DMSO Dimethyl sulfoxide

FCS Fetal calf serum

GI Gastrointestinal

HP-P-CD Hydroxypropyl-P-cyclodextrin

HSA Human serum albumin

HTS High throughput screening

IV Intravenous

Ka Ionization constant

Ksp Solubility product (equilibrium constant)

MAD Maximum absorbable dose

MSA Methane sulfonic acid

MTS Medium throughput screening

|i Chemical potential

NCE New chemical entity

PBS Phosphate buffered saline

Pe Permeability

PK Pharmacokinetics

PO Oral dosing

SAR Structure activity relationship

SPR Structure property relationship

SBE-P-CD Sulfobutyl ether-^-cyclodextrin

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