Formulation Strategy

To use MiMBA in a practical way, first, estimate the dimensionless variables An, Dn, and Do. Next, choose an absorption contour plot based on the absorption number An; Figures 5a-d represent low, moderate, high and very high permeability compounds (An = 0.6, 1.3, 8.5 and 20 respectively). As a point of reference, metoprolol, the compound used in the biopharmaceutic classification scheme (BCS) (FDA, 2000) to define the boundary between low and high permeability compounds, has an A of 1.33 in humans. Graphically place the calculated Dn and Do on the contour plot to determine the starting point and the limitation (i.e., dissolution, solubility, or permeability) to bioavailability. Then, choose an appropriate formulation approach as outlined in the following section to enhance bioavailability.

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