Biopharmaceutics Landscape

For a given absorption number An, if fraction absorbed is calculated over a range of dose numbers Do and dissolution numbers Dn, one can generate the three-dimensional biopharmaceutics landscape for the compound as shown in Figure 2. This contour plot demonstrates the effect on fraction absorbed of increasing the dose (Do therefore increases) shown by the vertical arrow on the right-hand side of the plot, and the effect of increasing particle size (Dn decreases) shown by the horizontal arrow. The cross-sections of the contour plot along the arrows are also shown.

Figure 2. Contour plot of fraction absorbed (Fabs) as a function of dose number (Do) and dissolution number (Dn) for a low permeability compound. As dose increases (Do increases), Fabs decreases. As particle size increases (Dn decreases), Fabs decreases.

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