Targeting Lung Regions By Controlled Aerosolization Of Particles

Efficient gene delivery by inhalation is significantly limited by the tortuous physiology of the lungs. Aerosolized droplets and particles inhaled into the lung deposit in various parts of the respiratory tract, dependent on their physical and chemical properties and the properties of the airstream in which they are entrained (Table 1). The lung itself, whether healthy or diseased, adult or child, may also affect deposition. Deposition occurs when a particle collides with the fluid lining of the respiratory tract. Targeting deposition to specific lung regions may increase the safety and efficiency of the DNA delivery system [5]. Once aerosol is deposited on the lung surface, the aerosol systems that can quickly traverse the mucus network and enter the cell nucleus are needed.

Table 1 Targeting Aerosols to the Lung Via Inhalation
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