Delivery of drugs by inhalation to the systemic circulation will very likely become a health care reality by 2010. Starting most probably with insulin for diabetes, it may include growth hormone for growth deficiency, morphine for pain, and potentially some others. Should the field of inhalation delivery systems continue to advance appropriately, this new therapy may grow even more dramatically to lead to new therapies that replace current oral delivery therapies involving poorly absorbed compounds or compounds possessing a negative toxicity profile via the oral route. Two important areas of research that need urgent attention include the enhancement of drug absorption via the lungs, particularly for large proteins, and the enhancement of drug duration of action. Possibly the two technological advances described in this review will help point the way to achieving these goals. Should ethanol succeed as a chemical enhancer, it will help clarify the mechanism of absorption and perhaps lead to other ways of addressing absorption enhancement; likewise, should nanoparticles permit day-long (or greater) duration of action, they will likely illuminate other avenues for achieving the same end, perhaps more simply and with greater dose flexibility.

The inhalation drug delivery field, while still awaiting the first therapy approval, is poised to grow even more dramatically than since the early 1990s, but this requires continued and diligent scientific advance.

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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