Foreword to the First Edition

The metered-dose aerosol inhaler is not only a most convenient system for the delivery of therapeutically active drugs but it has proven to be a life-saving device for many asthmatics. This system has made it possible for millions of asthma sufferers to lead normal lives. The convenience of self-administering a dose of drug accurately and quickly has made the metered-dose aerosol the dosage form of choice for the delivery of drugs to the respiratory system. From epinephrine to albuterol, from triamcinolone to flunisolide, from proteins and peptides to hormones, this dosage form has proven its value.

This volume covers the subject of inhalation technology from start to finish and is a welcome addition to the literature in this area. The reader can quickly become aware of the many ramifications of aerosol inhalation therapy along with the underlying principles for the deposition of particles in the lungs.

Ever since the introduction of the first metered-dose inhaler in the early 1950s, this dosage form has been readily prescribed by the physician and readily accepted by the patient. This text extends our knowledge in this rapidly growing field and will enable the pharmaceutical scientist to develop existing and new drugs in a suitable aerosol system.

John J. Sciarra

Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy Long Island University Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

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