Drug Content in Lung Tissue

Determinations of drug levels in the lung and comparison with plasma levels have been used for the pharmacokinetic assessment of inhalation drugs. In such a scenario, drug is typically delivered to the lung of animals or patients, who have to undergo lung resection; subsequently, the lung or lung sections are removed at different time points and the drug concentration-time profile is compared with that in the plasma.

Studies were performed in patients undergoing lung resection surgery [64,65], where lung cancer patients were dosed preoperatively. The drug concentration was determined in the peripheral and central lung tissues and was compared to the blood samples taken during surgery. This enabled calculations of drug ratios between lung and plasma and of the pulmonary half-life of drug. In general, this pharmacokinetic approach is able to evaluate the time profile of disappearance of drug from the lung. However, it needs to be taken into consideration that drug levels in the lung reflect undissolved drug, drug bound to pulmonary tissue components, and pharmacodynamically relevant free drug concentrations. In addition, higher drug levels in the lung than in the plasma are not per se indicative of pulmonary targeting, because even after intravenous administration due to the high volume of distribution (high tissue binding), tissue levels are often higher than plasma levels. Thus, a careful study design [administration of the drug via the lung and after intravenous (IV) administration] needs to be applied if one wishes to use this approach for making selectivity statements.

A Disquistion On The Evils Of Using Tobacco

A Disquistion On The Evils Of Using Tobacco

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