Aerosolized pentamidine has become one of the major drugs used in the treatment and prophylaxis of patients with HIV infection. Prophylaxis of PCP in patients with HIV infection who are immunosuppressed has now been established as the standard of care, similar to the universal adoption of prophylaxis in immunosuppressed children in the early 1990s. It is not clear whether aerosolized pentamidine or TMP-SMX is the optimal prophylaxis in HIV-infected patients [50]. The largest studies have been conducted with aerosolized pentamidine; comparative trials are now needed between agents as well as dose-response trials with each agent to determine the dosage schedule that has optimal balance between efficacy and safety. By their very nature, trials will need to be large and will be expensive. The finding that a 300-mg dose given once a month is effective indicates that placebo control studies in high-risk groups at this time are probably unethical. Future studies will need to use this dose as a control when testing alternative dosage regimens or nebulizers.

Diabetes 2

Diabetes 2

Diabetes is a disease that affects the way your body uses food. Normally, your body converts sugars, starches and other foods into a form of sugar called glucose. Your body uses glucose for fuel. The cells receive the glucose through the bloodstream. They then use insulin a hormone made by the pancreas to absorb the glucose, convert it into energy, and either use it or store it for later use. Learn more...

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