Protein with Fat Carbohydrate with

There are two basically optimal food combinations: protein with fat, and fat with starch or carbohydrate. A greater level of complexity can be addressed when one considers the acidity level of some foods and how they best combine, but that degree of detail will not be addressed here. Probably one of the worst (and most common) combinations is protein with starch. Yes, this means just about all sandwiches, unless your bread is surrounding only a vegetable or two. Why protein and starch is such a bad combination will be expanded upon a little later.

Simple sugars, as contrasted with the more complex carbohydrates, should not be combined with anything. Fruit must be a separate snack, and if you can't resist an occasional refined-sugar dessert, eat it on an empty stomach. This way only you suffer the ill effects of the refined sugar itself. When refined sugar is eaten with other foods, both the other foods and the sugar will be poorly digested. The end result is the formation of toxins and the increased absorption of caloric content, which help neither your health nor your weight.

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