Getting Rid of Dental Toxins

Getting rid of dental toxins is not as simple and straightforward as one might hope. Blood testing to determine what replacement materials are least burdensome to your immune system is available, although not widely. Detoxification after such dental work is also a complex process. When most of the dental toxicity is removed, the spontaneous detoxification of the rest of the body is typically very brisk, needing no detoxification accelerators. Done completely wrong without proper attention to detail, the removal of dental toxins can aggravate your medical conditions. The removal process and the subsequent detoxification process can both be done in either a highly toxic fashion or a safe and only minimally toxic fashion. Thus, it is essential to find a dentist who is well educated on these matters. The last thing you need is a dentist who is just humoring your "eccentricities" and not paying close attention to the above details. For further help in these matters, see Appendix II at the end of the book.

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