Electromagnetic Toxicity

Toxicity is not always something that has a tangible, physically substantive nature. Anything that will prove to be an additional stress to the immune system can be considered a toxin. Most of the electromagnetic, radio wave, and microwave fields that we are immersed in on a daily basis are inescapable. However, as with toxins of any source, being subjected unwittingly to inescapable toxicity is not a good reason for making no effort to avoid completely escapable toxicity. Any immune system stresses that you can avoid or remove will make it that much easier (or less difficult) to maintain your health in the face of the toxicity that you cannot remove or avoid.

Much of the dental work performed years ago at the clinic of Dr. Hal Huggins was performed in a dental operatory surrounded by a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage is an enclosure designed to keep any ambient electric charge sitting on its outer, conductive surface. This design prevents an electrostatic field from being present within the area surrounded by the conductive surface. This unique phenomenon, known as the Faraday cage effect, is traditionally utilized to shield electronic equipment from unwanted electrostatic fields present in the immediate environment.

The human body also has its own very delicate electrical and electromagnetic fields. A Faraday cage was added to the dental operatory in the hope that it would filter out some of the many sources of electromagnetic waves surrounding us constantly. Empirically, the sicker patients seemed to recover more readily when their dental work was performed in this special operatory. Seizure patients especially seemed to respond better in this environment. Certainly, the natural human electromagnetic forces are of a very tiny magnitude relative to the other known man-made or natural sources of such forces, and it should come as no surprise that this subtle human electromagnetism can be disrupted, altered, and/or inhibited fairly easily. Perhaps as more people become aware of the negative effects that these many sources of radiation have on their health, houses, bedrooms, places of work, and other areas where they spend much of their time, increasing efforts will be made to provide protection from the cumulative exposure to these radiant energy sources, further protecting our increasingly compromised immune systems.

Patients who came to the clinic of Dr. Huggins also routinely received chiropractic evaluation and manipulation. Most of the patients received an objective evaluation of muscular tenderness before and after the two-week treatment protocol, measuring the pain response to a device that transmitted a measurable amount of pressure to different sites of the body. Typically, at the end of the clinic visit, muscles and muscular attachment sites in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and buttocks would demonstrate two- or even threefold less pain sensitivity to pressure than when first measured. The evaluation was made in a blinded fashion, such that old readings were not known to the measurer prior to making the new readings.

These pain threshold measurements were a useful tool in evaluating the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustment, as well as in making an initial assessment of the results of the Total Dental Revision protocol (which included proper nutrition and supplementation, as I explained earlier). It was not uncommon to see immediate positive changes in these pain thresholds directly following neck and back adjustments.

Somewhere along the way, another incredible observation was made. Patients were sometimes asked to remove their watches and other jewelry in the course of getting a chiropractic adjustment. It was immediately noted that in nearly every patient, all of the pain thresholds measured would be lower when a watch was worn and higher when the watch was taken off. Furthermore, in greater than 90 percent of all patients tested, the wearing of a battery-powered watch would result in the physical shortening of one leg relative to the other, reversible within seconds after the watch was removed. One leg was often an inch or more shorter than the other, not a subtle change open to interpretive argument. And it didn't matter where the watch was placed, held, or worn on the body. Tiny batteries that were considered spent were also tested against the body, and the same effect was seen. It didn't seem that a battery could be dead enough not to dramatically affect the body and its delicate electromagnetic circuitry.

Generally, plain metal did not have this effect, but it should also be noted that one wheelchair-bound patient with the immune system compromise seen with advanced multiple sclerosis actually showed the same effect of objective leg shortening from his Rolex watch, which did not contain a battery but did contain a large amount of metal. Once again, these findings should alert all clinicians, as well as patients, that the body is exquisitely sensitive to many influences that are not readily detected by our five senses. It should also heighten the awareness of potential toxicity from the ubiquitous pagers, cellular phones, and many other battery-powered devices that we keep so close to our bodies for so much of the day. The findings that were repeatedly seen when batteries or battery-containing devices neared the body are a strong indicator that using such modalities as the Faraday cage to screen out unwanted electromagnetic waves might not be so crazy after all.

The ultimate goal being promoted here is simple, even if it is difficult to accomplish: Give the body pure food, air, and water, and avoid all possible toxicity contamination, including that which cannot be tasted, smelled, felt, seen, or heard.

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