Negative Side To Some Natural Foods

Now for some shocking information. Some of the fastest glucose-releasing foods ever tested are potatoes, corn, white rice, and white flour-based foods, which would include pasta. These foods release glucose into the bloodstream substantially FASTER than sucrose (refined table sugar)! However, this should not be taken as an excuse to indulge in sugar, but to avoid these foods as absolutely as sugar if weight loss alone is desired. If you add to this the desire to achieve good health, refined sugar must be avoided in its entirety. However, this is not to say that the high glycemic index vegetables need to be as scrupulously avoided as sugar. Refined sugar has no inherent nutritional value beyond being a source of glucose. Indulging in refined sugar not only shoots up your blood glucose, it also suppresses hunger so that every indulgence in sugar keeps you from eating food that is genuinely nutritious. Certainly, potatoes, corn, and white rice do have positive nutritional value far beyond that of refined sugar candies and desserts. Such candies and desserts will undermine your immune system and compromise your nutrition no matter how little of them is eaten. Never confuse sugar's slightly lower place on the glycemic index as the equivalent of being more nutritious than potatoes, corn, and white rice. The index looks solely at the rate of glucose release into the blood and nothing else. It does not measure or rate the vitamin or mineral content of any food. There is probably no other commonly eaten food or food combination as completely lacking in vitamin and mineral content as refined sugar.

Remember that there does exist a wide variety of delicious and nutritious foods that will support your health and still allow you to lose weight as your blood glucose stays within a reasonable range. Few people intuitively would ever think that any vegetable or naturally grown food could possibly be less than good for you, but that is precisely the point, even though the numbers of them may not be large.

While it may offend some people's sensitivities to even suggest that foods such as corn or potatoes can effectively be bad for your health, you should consider what happens in your body every time you eat these foods. The surges of glucose into the bloodstream that result from eating these foods not only promote fat formation, they also sap immune strength. Further, these foods definitely promote and maintain weight gain, which ultimately has its own associated negative health effects. Remember that cattle are fed large amounts of corn so that they will get fat more quickly and produce the tastier fat-marbled cuts of meat. Animals (and people) are not fattened up by eating fat-containing foods. Sugar (glucose) overdose, NOT the eating of fat, produces fat in your body. All fatty foods and protein foods produce relatively minor changes in the blood glucose level after a meal. However, all foods can result in weight gain if you already have chronically elevated insulin levels, as discussed above. It's just that foods releasing glucose rapidly into the blood will always lay down fat faster and more effectively than foods that release glucose more slowly.

It's also no coincidence that corn, potatoes, white rice, and white flour are about the cheapest foods you can buy. Most people have limited money with which to buy good foods. Furthermore, most people consider these foods and the foods that are made from them to be among the tastiest and most enjoyable foods. French fries, baked potatoes, most breads, corn tortillas and tacos, most rices, most cereals—the list is very long. There aren't many meals— breakfast, lunch, or dinner—at which the average American family doesn't indulge in one or more of these foods or their derivatives. Believe me, there are MANY good foods out there that are not a torture to eat. But the recommendations in this book will involve breaking dietary habits that are as about culturally ingrained in you as are Little League baseball, an eight-hour workday, football in the fall, and baseball in the spring. In fact, the concept of "ethnic" heart disease has recently been introduced to the scientific literature. Win-kleby et al. concluded that black and Mexican-American women have more risk factors for cardiovascular disease than white women.7 In fact, women of lower socioeconomic status will reliably have the highest consumption of the highest glycemic index foods just mentioned. You won't find many low-income ladies having fresh (and expensive) asparagus as a side dish in the place of pasta, rice, or potatoes. It is doubtful that poorer women have some other unknown physiological risk factor for heart disease. Eating a diet filled with high glycemic index foods is explanation enough, as it will typically be associated with some degree of obesity.

Avoiding the very popular, high glycemic index foods shouldn't have you suffering with actual pangs of hunger in following the advice to avoid them, but you will have to deal with ignoring the appetites and desires for certain foods and food combinations that have been relentlessly hammered into you your entire life. Food is culture, and culture is food. You have to break those bonds, and your health and body size will then start to take care of themselves.

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