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Guilt Free Deserts

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How to introduce chocolate into all kinds of pastry

At christmas and on new year's eve, chocolate is obligatory. But in what form Chocolate puff pastry, perhaps Chocoholics know that chocolate contains cocoa butter, and they would like nothing better than to be able to substitute it for ordinary butter in puff pastry. But they also know that the hardness of chocolate stands in their way. A few simple observations about state transitions will make it possible to solve this problem and to adapt the majority of classic recipes for pastry to new uses. How can we incorporate chocolate in the dough Dark chocolate cannot be used in place of butter, despite its cocoa butter content, because it is too hard. Eighty percent of cocoa butter the only fatty matter permitted by law in France to be used in making chocolate, although other kinds have been proposed is composed of three triglycerides, or molecules made up of glycerol (commonly called glycerine). These molecules are associated with three fatty acids palmitic acid, stearic acid, and oleic...

How to make a chocolate mousse without eggs

The words chantilly cream conjure up images of fresh strawberries, ice cream, and airy desserts. Chantilly is a kind of foam, or mousse, made by whipping cream in a chilled bowl. When the whisk is guided in a circular motion, through a vertical plane, its wire loops steadily introduce air bubbles in the cream that are stabilized by the molecules of the casein (a protein) and by the crystallization of the fatty droplets. This crystallization takes place at a low temperature, which is why the cream and the bowl must be chilled beforehand. This cooling process also prevents the cream from turning into butter. To obtain the best results, stop whipping the cream once strands begin to form inside the loops of the whisk. Can the fundamental principle of Chantilly cream be applied to fatty matter other than milk Because chocolate contains cocoa butter, for example, it ought to be possible to make Chantilly chocolate.

Make All Desserts with Chocolate

From puff pastry it is but a short step to make both shortcrust pastry (including the basic pie dough used to line meat or fish pies) and sugar crust with chocolate one has only to replace butter with chocolate whose lipid composition has been changed. Similarly, one could make chocolate savarin dough, chocolate brioche dough, chocolate cream puff dough, almond or chocolate cookie dough, and so on. One might even be tempted to use chocolate in an almond custard Add almond powder and an alcohol to melted chocolate, and Everything Chocolate 323 Where the fatty matter used is cream rather than butter, it is the cream that must be replaced by a chocolate preparation. In this case it is not enough to manipulate the melting point of the chocolate, for cream is above all an emulsion, a dispersion of fatty droplets in water (from the milk). The droplets remain separated from one another for a long time, though not indefinitely, because they are surrounded by tensioactive molecules, one part...

The Whitening of Chocolate

To keep chocolate from turning white, keep it chilled. why does chocolate become covered with an ugly white film after a few days Michel Ollivon and G rard Keller of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (crns), in collaboration with Christophe Loisel and Guy Lecq of the Danone Group, have recently explained how certain constituents of this partially liquid mixture migrate and crystallize on its surface, causing it to change color. Chocolate is a dispersion of sugar crystals and cocoa powder in cocoa butter. Once crystallized, the cocoa butter serves as a binding agent for the solid particles, just as cement binds the sand and gravel in concrete. Nonetheless, chocolate does not easily cohere The sugar crystals are hydrophilic, whereas the cocoa butter is hydrophobic. Master chocolate makers add lecithin molecules as part of a process known as conching in order to promote the coating of the sugar by the cocoa butter. Since the 1960s it had been known that the whitening of...

Chocolate XRayed

The crns and Danone researchers investigated the crystallization process by measuring variations in viscosity during tempering. X-rays showed that well-tempered chocolate is crystalized in form 5, and further observation by means of polarizing microscopy disclosed that the surface of the chocolate immediately after fabrication is free of crystals only a few holes, no doubt created by the bursting of air bubbles on the surface, and a few minute cracks are visible. By contrast, when the chocolate is subjected to substantial variations in temperature, the whitening appears after a few days. Both the surface and the interior crystalize in form 6. How are we to interpret these observations It was long thought that the whitening resulted from a migration of a part of the cocoa butter toward the surface, where it recrystallized, probably in form 6. Today we know that the composition of fatty matter in the body of the chocolate differs from that of the whitened surface. Herv Adenier and Henri...

Chocolate Emulsion

Our chances of obtaining such a foam will increase if we begin by creating a physicochemical system similar to cream but with a chocolate base. Physical chemists know that cream is an emulsion, a dispersion of fatty droplets in water (in this case the water contained in milk, which also dissolves sugars, The emulsion we need to make Chantilly chocolate can be formed in an analogous manner by mixing together water, tensioactive molecules, and cocoa butter. One simply pours a little water into a pan (which will be improved from the gastronomic point of view if it is flavored with orange juice, for example, or cassis pur e) and adds some tensioactive molecules, either proteins from the yolk or white of an egg or gelatin (often used to thicken butter and cream sauces, which are also emulsions). One could rely simply on the lecithin already present in chocolate, but let's use gelatin instead and dissolve it in the water by heating. Then whisk in the chocolate. The result is a homogeneous...

Clinical evaluation

The cause of the atrial fibrillation should be identified. Precipitating causes, such as hyperthyroidism, electrolyte abnormalities, and drug toxicity, should be excluded. Stimulant abuse, excess tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, over-the-counter cold remedies, and street drugs should be sought. AF may be associated with a recent acute illness, such as pneumonia.

Protein with Fat Carbohydrate with

Simple sugars, as contrasted with the more complex carbohydrates, should not be combined with anything. Fruit must be a separate snack, and if you can't resist an occasional refined-sugar dessert, eat it on an empty stomach. This way only you suffer the ill effects of the refined sugar itself. When refined sugar is eaten with other foods, both the other foods and the sugar will be poorly digested. The end result is the formation of toxins and the increased absorption of caloric content, which help neither your health nor your weight.

Starting a Food Diary

During the second visit, I review the food diary with the patient, looking for items they eat on a recurrent basis. While going over the list, I try to get a sense as to how important certain foods are to the patient. For example, some patients have said they will always eat a Snickers candy bar for dessert at work, so suggesting they discontinue eating Snickers is not going to work long-term. Patients are willing to reduce, substitute, or discontinue eating those foods for which the attachment is not as strong. I explain to the patient that it is from their list of foods that decisions on how to reduce calories must be made and that during

Dimorphic Beaked Whale

Physical description Length, 16-18 feet. Long, wide beak. Relatively flat head with a small but distinct melon. Low, triangular dorsal fin. Males have a broad, white swath across the body the head and beak are reddish-brown or tan, while the back and flanks behind the swath are black-brown or chocolate-brown. Females and young are gray-brown, fading to pale gray on the underside.

Acute psychological problems associated with MDMA use

Increased anxiety(2,26) and panic(2,28 have been described, with the three cases of the latter study complicated by prolonged agorophobia which responded to serotonergic antidepressant drugs. Major depressive disorder(29) and prolonged depersonalization with panic and suicide following ingestion (30) have also been described. Numerous cases of MDMA-related psychoses have also been reported(3 ,32,) as well as flashbacks(3 34) and even craving for chocolate 35 It has been suggested( 2,22) that such idiosyncratic disturbances are more likely to occur in those already predisposed to psychiatric disorders. It is possible that people predisposed to mood disorders may experience their first episode of psychological disturbance earlier than they would have done had they not taken MDMA. Controlled long-term cohort studies of users, with baseline measures of risk factors, are needed to assess this.

Negative Side To Some Natural Foods

Some of the fastest glucose-releasing foods ever tested are potatoes, corn, white rice, and white flour-based foods, which would include pasta. These foods release glucose into the bloodstream substantially FASTER than sucrose (refined table sugar) However, this should not be taken as an excuse to indulge in sugar, but to avoid these foods as absolutely as sugar if weight loss alone is desired. If you add to this the desire to achieve good health, refined sugar must be avoided in its entirety. However, this is not to say that the high glycemic index vegetables need to be as scrupulously avoided as sugar. Refined sugar has no inherent nutritional value beyond being a source of glucose. Indulging in refined sugar not only shoots up your blood glucose, it also suppresses hunger so that every indulgence in sugar keeps you from eating food that is genuinely nutritious. Certainly, potatoes, corn, and white rice do have positive nutritional value far beyond...

Nonpharmacologic therapy for gastroesophageal reflux disease

Initial therapy consists of diet and lifestyle modifications and use of antacids as needed. Lifestyle modifications include weight loss, reduced dietary fat, limitation of caffeine, chocolate and peppermint. Meals should be smaller and more frequent, and smoking and alcohol should be limited.

The flavor of roasted meats depends on their fat content

There are hundreds of odorant compounds, which vary according to the type of meat, the age of the animal, its diet, and the mode of cooking. Moreover, compounds present in minute quantities may be aromatically preponderant. One of the principal reactions responsible for generating tastes is the Maillard reaction between sugars (such as glucose) and amino acids. Named after Louis-Camille Maillard, a chemist in Nancy who first identified the reaction in 1912, it contributes to the flavor of bread crust as well as the roasted aroma of meats, beer, and chocolate, among other foods. This reaction also leads to the formation of the dark compounds called melanoidins, which give cooked foods their characteristic color.

Treating Obese Pre Adolescents

It is not reasonable to expect that if a family enjoys popcorn while watching TV that they will all stop eating after a certain time or give up popcorn and serve everyone an apple or a carrot. Families enjoy social rituals that include certain foods. On the other hand, if while in the store and planning for the family's meals and desserts, the parent shows the child the caloric difference between a regular bag of microwave popcorn (510 calories) and the same size bag of low-fat popcorn (210 calories), then the child is learning how to make sensible caloric choices and still enjoy important family rituals like having popcorn at night while watching TV. This process applies to cereals, candy, cookies, ice cream, soda drinks, and many other items. A word of caution to the parent that substituting for lower calorie options is not a license to increase the amount of food consumed. A parent can teach a child the CAMES approach while grocery shopping, going to the movies, eating fast food,...

Overthecounter medications

Nasal decongestants and anorectics, which are stimulants (e.g. pseudoephedrine, phenylpropranolamine), will cause insomnia. Caffeine, which is present in coffee, tea, colas, and chocolate, also is a stimulant and may cause insomnia. Over-the-counter sleeping pills are widely used for the induction of sleep. The active ingredients in these agents are antihistamines (diphenhydramine and doxylamine) and are the most commonly used antihistamines in over-the-counter preparations. They are H-, blockers and have undesirable anticholinergic effects (e.g. dryness of mouth, palpitation, dilatation of pupils, tachycardia, difficulty in urination) and cause daytime sedation.

How to gelatinize milk without destabilizing it

In recent years fermentation and curdling methods have been improved, and the texture of yogurt is now known to be determined by the particular procedure used to solidify its milk constituents. This discovery has made it possible to create new milk products. With the aid of gelatinizing and thickening compounds used to make sauces, for example, milk-based desserts have been invented. But unexplained accidents have occurred When gelatin is added to hot milk, for example, the result often is a disagreeable lumpiness. Jean-Louis Doublier, Sophie Bourriot, and Catherine Garnier, at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique station in Nantes, have shown that excessive concentrations of thickening and gelatinizing agents of all kinds have the effect of destabilizing milk.

Habituation Training Procedure All Arms Accessible Design

Animals are subjected to 5 days of acclimation trials in which they are allowed to explore the maze for a 5 to 10 minute period each day. During these trials, chocolate-flavored food pellets are scattered throughout the maze. Shaping procedures can be used, by confining the scattered pellets closer to the food cups on successive days (e.g., Day 1 food pellets are scattered throughout the maze Day 2 food pellets are located in the arms only Day 3 food pellets are located on the outer half of the arm Day 4 food pellets are located in the outermost third of the arm Day 5 a few food pellets are located around the outside of the food cup). During acclimation the pellet dispensers release food whenever the outermost photobeam is disrupted, to adapt subjects to the sound and action of the pellet dispensers. The E14-24 Coulbourn pellet dispenser is quieter than previous models and we have not had animals drop out due to the sound of this dispenser.

Urogenital Tract Pathogens

Traditional laboratory diagnosis of N. gonorrhoeae entails culture of endocervical or urethral swabs onto chocolate agar and selective, enriched media such as modified Thayer Martin. For male urethral swabs, Gram stain alone with the observation of gram-negative diplo-cocci is diagnostic by itself for N. gonorrhoeae (sensitivity 90 -95 specificity 95 -100 ).62 For female endocervical swabs or other specimen types from males and females, Gram stain alone is not diagnostic (sensitivity 50 -70 for endocervical). N. gonorrhoeae is fastidious, and the specimen needs to be transported in a transport medium or plated directly onto media at the bedside. Delays in culturing the specimen are associated with false-negative cultures. Plates are examined daily for 72 hours for the presence of colonies resembling Neisseria and identified by biochemical testing.

Two ways of imparting flavor to food

Must we therefore dismiss such aromatic engineering altogether This would mean foregoing the opportunity to enlarge the palette of flavors. Why not reinforce the green note of olive oil with hexanal, or add 1-octen-3-ol to a meat dish in order to give it an aroma of mushroom or mossy undergrowth (although here one needs to be careful about proportions because in excessive concentrations the same molecule smells a bit moldy) Why not use beta-ion-one to give desserts the surprising violet aroma that flowers have such a hard time releasing

Clinical Features

Spontaneous hemorrhage is the most dreaded occurrence in a lymphangioma and may lead to eyelid ecchymosis, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and acute proptosis (Figure 14.6). This may create diagnostic difficulty in a patient with a previously undiagnosed asymptomatic lymphangioma. Acute increase in intraorbital pressure can result in compressive optic neuropathy and vision loss.37,39 In the clinical differential diagnosis of spontaneous orbital hemorrhage, the following possibilities should be considered in addition to lymphangioma trauma, bleeding disorder, orbital varix, and, rarely, cavernous hemangioma. One characteristic feature of lymphangioma is that the proptosis is exacerbated after trauma or upper respiratory tract infection.38,40 Under these circumstances, hemorrhage into the channels of the tumor may lead to the development of chocolate cysts.

On Chemistry in Cooking

Take Maillard reactions between amino acids and certain sugars, which produce the tasty brown compounds in the crust of roast beef and bread as well as the aromas of coffee and chocolate. Chemists know that these reactions differ according to the acidity of the reactional environment. Why not soak chicken breasts in vinegar or bicarbonate of soda before putting them under the broiler To obtain the right degree of acidity once the reaction has occurred, the vinegar could be neutralized with bicarbonate of soda or vice versa.

Morphologic Features

Is composed of bloodless ectatic lymph channels. These spaces are lined by a single layer of flat mesothe-lial cells (Figures 14.8 and 14.9). Hemorrhage into these spaces produces chocolate cysts. Lymphoid aggregates, with or without germinal centers, are often seen. Fibrosis is present in lymphangiomas with chronic recurrent hemorrhages.37 Lymphangioma may resemble a cavernous hemangioma or varix microscopically as well as clinically.

Behavioral modification

Detrusor instability (urge incontinence) may respond to dietary restriction of caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, and spicy food, as these can all cause bladder irritation. Scheduled toileting should be offered to incontinent patients. Bladder training (timed voiding) helps to progressively distend the bladder and allows the patient to regain control over voiding patterns. The patient is instructed to void at pre-assigned times during the waking hours. The initial voiding interval is set at less than the current voiding interval and is gradually increased.

Teaching and PhD Students

The most interesting course in evolutionary biology Mayr gave at Harvard was a seminar in which a student's essay was copied and distributed among the (some 8 to 12) participants, each of whom had to ask the author of the essay three critical questions. The whole seminar of two hours duration at least, consisted of the defense of his thesis by the essayist against the onslaught of critical questions by the other members of the class. This exercise became so famous that one had to move into a larger room with the members of the seminar sitting in the middle at a large table and chairs around for those who wanted to listen to the discussions. Only the members were permitted to ask questions. For years Mayr also held a private seminar at the Biology Laboratory in the evening and at the noon hour in his office and later in his house. He invited about 10 students interested in special problems or controversies. Gretel Mayr made a dessert usually something particularly delicious of the...

Prevention Of Hyperphosphataemia

Patient awareness of phosphate-containing foods is essential in order to limit phosphate intake. Dairy products have two to three times more phosphate than equal quantities of protein derived from meat and therefore need to be limited. Milk intake should not exceed 1-3 pt day and other dairy-containing foods such as chocolate, cheese and yoghurt should be restricted. Other highphosphate foods such as offal and offal-containing products, veal and fish with edible bones, such as sardines, pilchards and shell fish also need to be limited.

From Emulsion to Foam

With this emulsion we can make a foam. Put the pan in a bowl partly filled with ice cubes to crystallize the chocolate around the air bubbles that we will next introduce by whisking the chilled sauce, either manually or with an electric mixer. The procedure is then exactly the same one followed in the case of Chantilly cream. Whisking creates large air bubbles in the sauce, which steadily thickens. Once the crystallization temperature is reached, the volume of the sauce suddenly expands, and its color changes from dark to blond chestnut. This lighter color results from the air bubbles, which can be seen under a microscope. They also gradually change the texture of the sauce After a while strands of chocolate form inside the loops of the whisk, just as in the case of Chantilly cream. In this way one obtains a foam that, unlike classic versions, is unadulterated by cr me fra che or stiffly whipped egg white. It is a purely chocolate mousse Want to try Melt a half pound of chocolate with...

Letter 163 To Jd Hooker

Might have enlarged a little on the later embryological changes in man and on his rudimentary structure, tail as compared with tail of higher monkeys, intermaxillary bone, false ribs, and I daresay other points, such as muscles of ears, etc., etc. I was very much struck with admiration at the opening pages of Part II. (and oh what a delicious sneer, as good as a dessert, at page 106) (164 2. Huxley, op. cit., page 106. After saying that there is but one hypothesis regarding the origin of species of animals in general which has any scientific existence that propounded by Mr. Darwin, and after a few words on Lamarck, he goes on And though I have heard of the announcement of a formula touching 'the ordained continuous becoming of organic forms,' it is obvious that it is the first duty of a hypothesis to be intelligible, and that a qua-qua-versal proposition of this kind, which may be read backwards or forwards, or sideways, with exactly the same amount of significance, does not really...

Foamy Foie Gras and Cheese

Earlier we saw how to make Chantilly chocolate, a mousse made of (rather than with) chocolate. Why not repeat this experiment with foie gras Pour a glass of duck stock into a pan, add some foie gras, and stir over low heat. The melting foie gras forms fatty droplets that are dispersed in the water. Whisk this mixture in a bowl over ice cubes and you will achieve the consistency of whipped cream.

Pharmacokinetic Interactions

Drug interactions may result in impaired drug absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. The rate at which a drug is absorbed may be decreased by drugs such as anticholinergics, which inhibit gastric motility conversely, drugs such as meto-clopramide (which increase gastric motility) may enhance the absorption rate. Certain drugs form chelates and complexes with other drugs, altering their solubility and absorption. For example, agents that bind to digoxin in the gut (such as antacids and cholestyramine) reduce the extent of its absorption by 20 -35 (Brown and Juhl, 1976). However, despite these potential interactions few drug-drug interactions affect drug absorption to a clinically significant extent (May et al., 1987 Mclnnes and Brodie, 1988). Drugs that undergo extensive first-pass metabolism may be affected by other drugs, which alter liver blood flow or compete for metabolism. For example, the non-selective monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), such as phenelzine, reduce the...

The PASS Behavioral Prescription

Natural desserts for frozen pre-packaged desserts Substitution of one food for another to reduce calories is a win-win decision for the patient. The numerous suggestions in this category of the PASS behavioral prescription are meant to spark Dave's creativity in thinking about reducing calories through substitution. He saw this idea before but not tied to a particular food or drink. Examples from Dr Howard Shapiro's book Picture Perfect Weight Loss 5 show that making better choices between two items can save a lot of calories. Choosing to eat strawberries with low-fat whipped cream in place of strawberry pie need not be a difficult decision to make if the patient understands the caloric benefit. In both choices, the patient's desire for a sweet dessert can be met. However, in choosing the strawberries with low-fat whipped cream, the patient reduces intake by hundreds of calories. Over time, modest reductions of this nature can add up to significant weight reduction.

Forbes Wolfe Nanotech Reports

Given the range of cosmetics using nanoparticulate metal oxides primarily for UV protection it is interesting to note a cosmetics product containing fullerene in the list. In this case the fullerene is claimed to have antioxidant properties. Carbon nanotubes have been used as a reinforcing component in a new baseball bat. Silver nanoparticles feature again, this time in socks where enhanced bonding of the 19 nm silver particles to the polyester fibres is claimed to provide enhanced and longer-lasting antimicrobial and antifungal performance. A novel chewing gum having chocolate flavour, which is apparently difficult to achieve, has been produced using nanoscale crystals'' of unknown chemistry to enhance the compatibility of the cocoa butter with the polymers that are used to give the gum elasticity. So-called self-cleaning windows and paint surfaces are also included in the top 10. These are based on photoactive titanium dioxide with the windows gaining a further benefit when it...

Mechanisms calcium and the regulation of energy metabolism

This brings up again an idea proposed a longer time ago, according to which the divalent cation calcium prevents the intestinal absorption of part of the dietary fat and increases faecal lipid loss and sterol excretion forming insoluble fatty acid soaps and bile salts (Denke et al., 1993, Drenick, 1961, Vaskonen et al., 2001, 2002, Vaskonen 2003, Welberg et al., 1994). By the same mechanism calcium may enhance a cholesterol-lowering effect of other food components, e.g. plant sterols (Vaskonen et al., 2001). The extent of this effect increased with an increasing proportion of long-chain saturated fatty acids in the diet, whereby, with Western eating habits, the energy excretion with fat is probably around 1 and 3 of the daily energy supply, i.e. around 30 and 90 kcal day. In a study by Shahkhalalili and co-workers (2001) calcium fortification of chocolate doubled calcium ingestion from 950 to 1855 mg day and increased faecal fat excretion by 36 kcal day (4.04 g day). This effect seems...

Extraction of Enzymes from Soil

Faecal Fat Excretion Orlistat

A cathepsin-like activity was measured in a soil extract in 1954 (Antoniani et al. 1954). However, according to Skujins (1967), Fermi and Sabrama-nian were the first to measure enzyme activities (protease and aminase activities, respectively) in a soil extract. Urease was isolated from a surface forest soil with phosphate buffer at pH 6 and purified in the United States by Briggs and Segal (1963). In Australia, Ladd (1972) determined protease and peptidase activities in several pasture and wheat soil extracts by using 0.1 M Tris-borate buffer at pH 8.1 as an extractant. Then, in the 1970s and 1980s, lyase, oxidoreductase and hydrolase activities were monitored in soil extracts (Nannipieri et al. 1996). Several procedures for the extraction of enzymes from soil have been proposed and they are generally based on the use of salt solutions as extractants. Phosphate, acetate, citrate, tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (tris), tris-borate, borate, etc., have been used to extract enzymes from...

The Formation Of Fat And The Glycemic Index

What does too rapid an insulin release do to the body First, much of the rapidly released glucose that caused the increased insulin release will end up being directly stored as fat. And since this phenomenon is related more to the rate of glucose release than to the total amount of glucose being released, glucose can be stored as fat even when the total calorie count of the food is severely restricted Any diet that restricts calories but still regularly allows for a sugary dessert as a portion of those calories totally misses this important point. If you want to lose weight, you must choose the right food and digest it properly. Delightfully, as we shall see, feeling hungry all of the time is not required in this weight loss process.

Grape Seeds and Red Wine

Before advocating tea consumption as part of a healthy diet, three concerns must be studied further the role of caffeine in tea, reduced iron absorption with meals, and the high content of aluminum in tealeaf and brewed tea.30 The level of caffeine in 10 to 12 cups of tea daily is less than 400 to 450 mg day, which is considered a safe amount according to Canadian health authorities.31 North American adults are estimated to consume an average of 186 to 238 mg day which includes 60 from coffee, 30 from tea, and 10 from a mix of other sources such as colas, chocolate, and drugs. This is below the proposed upper level of safe daily caffeine intake with no associated risk from moderate caffeine consumption.32

Gastroesophageal Reflux

Both behavioral and pharmacologic interventions are typically employed to treat nocturnal GER. Patients should avoid eating at least two hours before bedtime, and should avoid high-fat content foods, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, mint, citrus fruits, and caffeinated sodas, all of which may promote GER. Nicotine may decrease LES pressure, and patients should obviously be counseled to stop smoking. Obesity is associated with increased risk for GER, and obese patients should always be encouraged to lose weight via a combination of diet and exercise. Patients can be advised to sleep with the head of their bed elevated at least six inches, which can be achieved by placing blocks under the head of the bed. Evaluation of each patient's medical regimen is warranted, as many medications promote GER, including theophylline, calcium channel blockers, prostaglandins, and bisphosphonates.

Pests Diseases And Disorders

Lost, resulting in the production of many offsets. The disorders 'chocolate spot' and 'root rot' may have the appearance of fungal diseases, but no pathogen has been associated with them. Finally, there are a number of disorders in flower development, resulting in the death or deformity of the flower bud or floral organs.

Beginning Lifestyle Change

Formalizing agreements to make specific behavioral changes can be useful for some individuals. Contracting involves having individuals agree to one or more specific behaviors that they will do over a short period of time. The agreed upon behaviors should be simple, achievable, and realistic. Agreeing 'to do better' or 'to be a better person' is not helpful. Agreeing to walk for 20 min on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8 00 in the morning is hopefully simple, achievable, and realistic. Likewise, reducing the number of desserts from every night to three times a week may also be achievable. Writing down the agreements and signing the contract usually helps in achieving the goals. Contracting is particularly useful for motivating short-term behavioral change. Changing contracts frequently helps 20 .

Year Product

Cola nut is a native of West Africa, which has been introduced to the West Indies. It is used in large quantities in the soft drink industry. The active principles are caffeine (Figure 4) and theobromine (Figure 5), which are both stimulants. The active principles are also contained in a related plant, native to the New World, Theobroma cacao (Sterculiaceae), the source of cocoa and chocolate.

Moving Eating Time

When going over the patient's food diary I ask if there are certain items he likes to eat at night, like popcorn, candy, or any other dessert If he says, Yes, I have popcorn every night, then I encourage the patient to eat the popcorn earlier in the evening and to consider going for a walk when finished. The dietary goal is to lessen the window of time for eating food. Patients can still have their dessert, but they need to consider eating it sooner, not later in the evening. This particular dietary tool is the one least used, unless the patient's job or lifestyle encourages eating just before going to bed.


Many people think snacking is unhealthy and leads to weight gain because many people don't eat healthy snacks If you enjoy snacking and you want to maintain your body weight and perform well, then selecting healthy snacks is critical. Think through a typical day. How often and where do you usually snack Are your snacks healthy or loaded with extra kcals Follow these tips to help promote healthy snacking (Snacks should not replace a meal.)

Further Sugar Damage

Let's look at a pattern of eating shared by many, if not most, Americans today. The day starts around 7 00 a.m. with the great American breakfast orange juice, a sugar-releasing refined cereal with more sugar added, milk, and coffee (usually sweetened with sugar). The glucose skyrockets and the insulin skyrockets in response. Around 10 00 a.m. the glucose has dropped precipitously low from the insulin overshoot provoked by breakfast. The resulting state of hypoglycemia now causes a feeling of sluggishness. Solution the coffee break Remember that even without added sugar, the caffeine hit releases sugar from internal stores and initiates another surge of insulin into the blood to metabolize it. Once the coffee break is over, there's generally enough sugar-stimulated energy to finish out the morning. Then, around noon, it's time for lunch. Since the overshoot of insulin at 10 00 a.m. again does not have enough glucose to metabolize, the carbohydrate craving sets in, and the great...


Incidence 4 23, conc. range 2.4-20 g kg, 0 conc. 12 g kg, country Nigeria768 see also areca nut, bacon, barley, beans, beefburger, beer, betel nut, bondakaledkai, bread, buckwheat, butter, cassava, cereals, cereals (breakfast), cheese, chestnut, chips (yam), chocolate, cocoa, cocoa beans, cocoa hazelnut cream, coffee beans (green), coix seed, congressbele, cottonseed, cowpeas, dates, drink, figs, fish, flakes (corn), flour, flour (gram), flour (maize), flour (wheat), food, food (infant), fruit products, fruits (apricot), fruits (lemon), fruits (mango), Ga Kenkey, gram, grits (maize), gruel, herbs and medicinal plants, hot dog, Incaparina, jam (bean), Job's-tears, jowar, juice (apple), juice (mango), kheri, kidney (hare), kidney (pheasant), kidney (roe deer), kubeba, legume, lentils, linseeds, liver (hare), liver (pheasant), liver (pig), liver (roe deer), maize, maize and beans, maize dough, maize products, marzipan (almond paste), mchuzi mix, meal (cottonseed), meal (maize), meal...


Timing of the test meal in relation to the dose of sugar in solution is an important factor affecting the food intake outcome. This is illustrated by the failure of 50-60 g sucrose to suppress food intake of 9- to 10-year-old children when the meal was given 90 min later (Anderson et al., 1989). Similarly, sucrose drinks (Rolls et al., 1990) or desserts (Rolls et al., 1988) (150-200 kcal) given either shortly before or with lunch resulted in an increased cumulative energy intake (energy from the preloads plus the test meal energy) compared with the non-caloric sweetened drinks or desserts. The results can be explained because the energy from the sucrose drink or dessert may have been below the threshold needed to suppress food intake or the time interval between treatment and test meal may have been insufficient to enhance satiety.

Food Crops

Cacao (chocolate), coconut, carob, licorice, quinine Other food crops add variety and pleasure to our diet by flavoring our water, beverages, and food. More than half the population ingests caffeine through drinking coffee, tea, and cola drinks. Both spices and herbs are used to add taste to food. In general, spices come from plant parts other than the leaf and are tropical. Herbs usually come from leaves and usually can be grown in a home garden. Flavorings, such as chocolate and coconut, are not usually considered spices or herbs and are therefore placed in a separate category. Another flavor, quinine, is used to make tonic water. Quinine comes from the bark of the cinchona tree and is used to treat malaria.

Treasured memories

If you ask my children to recall Easter, I know full well the one that will spring to their minds. It's not something I will forget easily either They often collapse into fits of giggles as they tell the tale, and relish the opportunity to recount it at the most inopportune moments. Easter is difficult in our house because the boys are on a gluten- and casein-free diet. There is always a great deal of tension as Joe gets angry and tries to steal the older children's Easter eggs. To compensate for their restrictions, I tend to go rather overboard by making treasure hunts and little games to play with their own special chocolate. One year we were all throwing sweets up in the air and seeing if any of us could catch them in our mouth. Whilst I played in one room with the boys, the girls did the same with chocolates and ofcourse I got the job ofmaking sure there was none on the floor that the boys could pick up later. As I scanned the floor for chocolate, I suddenly spied a stray...


Automated RAMs are available commercially. However, if good support personnel are available, a RAM can be constructed, fitted for the appropriate hardware, and computer interfaces programs generated in-house. The automated RAM that we use has three sets of photocells in each arm (located 6, 27, and 52.5 cm from the opening of the arm). The photocells are used to track the movement of the animal in the maze. The computer program (labVIEW, National Instruments) controls the dispensation of food when the outermost photocell of an arm is passed for the first time. The program also records arm entries exits an entered arm is considered exited when the innermost photobeam of another arm is interrupted. Errors are also automatically recorded an error is assigned when either the middle or the outermost photocell is triggered upon a re-entry into a previously rewarded arm. Two 45mg chocolate pellets (Bio-Serv) are dispensed by Coulbourn Pellet Feeders (E14 to 24), located above the food cups...

Pushed by Fusion

Whitening threatens mainly chocolates whose interior, or lining, is rich in fats. When two blocks of fatty matter are combined, their fats become mixed The Whitening of Chocolate 225 together, especially at high temperatures (when the proportion of liquid and molecular motion both increase). The surface crystals of the whitened chocolate are quite different from those of the interior mass, being composed for the most part of triglycerides having a single double bond. The composition of the whitened crystals is virtually invariable, no matter what the fatty content of the lining, and similar to those of whitened chocolate without a lining. The migration of fats in the lining toward the covering layer of chocolate leads to an enlargement of the liquid phase of the covering layer. Consistent with the findings of the cnrs and Danone researchers, this enlargement accelerates whitening without changing the composition of the outer crystals. The moral of the tale is that if you want to...

Types Of Algae

As you learned in Chapter 6, red algae are used to make agar. Agar is the culture medium that is extracted from the cell wall of red algae and is used to grow bacteria. Red algae are also used as a moisture-preserving agent in cosmetics and baked goods. Red algae are used as a setting agent for jellies and desserts.

Baby food

See also acha, areca nut, barley, beans, beefburger, beer, betel nut, bondakaledkai, bread, buckwheat, butter, cassava, cereals, cereals (breakfast), cheese, chestnut, chips (yam), chocolate, cocoa, cocoa beans, cocoa hazelnut cream, coffee beans (green), coix seed, congressbele, cottonseed, cowpeas, dates, drink, figs, fish, flakes (corn), flour, flour (gram), flour (maize), flour (wheat), food, food (infant), fruit products, fruits (apricot), fruits (lemon), fruits (mango), Ga Kenkey, gram, grits (maize), gruel, herbs and medicinal plants, hot dog, Incaparina, jam (bean), Job's-tears, jowar, juice (apple), juice (mango), kheri, kidney (hare), kidney (pheasant), kidney (roe deer), kubeba, legume, lentils, linseeds, liver (hare), liver (pheasant), liver (pig), liver (roe deer), maize, maize and beans, maize dough, maize products, marzipan (almond paste), mchuzi mix, meal (cottonseed), meal (maize), meal (peanut), meal (pistachio), meal (posho), meat (luncheon), meju, melon seeds, milk...


Culturing is important to identify the organism and determine the in-vitro antimicrobial profile 4 initiation of the therapy, however, must not be delayed until the lab report is received. Multiple culture media should be used (blood and chocolate agar, Sabouraud's, thioglycollate broth, anaerobic blood, as well as various stains (Gram, Giemsa, fungal), but the most accurate and rapid identification comes from polymerase chain reaction 20 . Bactec broth5 is another medium with a high and fast yield 9 .

New Mousses

From emulsions we turn now to an analogous physical system, foams, which consist of air bubbles dispersed in a liquid or solid. The fact that a chocolate mousse can be obtained by whisking a chocolate emulsion, as we shall see later in this section, suggests that it may be possible to generalize this procedure.

Count your blessings

When they make progress at school or manage their behaviour well for even a short time. However small the accomplishment may seem to others, I can honestly say that the feeling of pride and wonder when one of the boys does something so seemingly simple and probably imperceptible to the untrained eye remains unrivalled (even chocolate doesn't come close ). One thing I have learned is that as parents of children with such differences, our ability to appreciate the little things that others take for granted is one of the greatest gifts they bestow on us and one that I wouldn't swap for the world.

Cooking Mayonnaise

By manipulating the texture of the mayonnaise we seem only to have created a sponge for soaking up oil. Let's try replacing the oil with chocolate (which is composed mostly of cocoa butter) and melting it in a pan with a bit of liquid that contains water (whether from rum, coffee, orange juice, or something else). Then, when the temperature of the resulting chocolate emulsion is still lower than the temperature at which albumen coagulates (62 c 144 f ), whisk the chocolate emulsion into an egg white. Finally, put this mixture in the microwave. What will happen The proteins of the egg white will gelatinize and imprison the chocolate emulsion. If you try this experiment yourself you will end up with a delicious chocolate cake whose flavor is much more powerful than that of an ordinary chocolate cake, probably because the chocolate is in a dispersed state, producing a novel texture (which you can vary as you like by modifying the proportions of water and chocolate). I suggest calling...

Chantilly Rescued

Let's finish with true Chantilly cream, which will be a perfect accompaniment for your dessert. It is simple to make because one has only to whip very cold cream. Whisking introduces air bubbles into the emulsion, and the fatty droplets crystallize on the outside of the bubbles, stabilizing them. Alas, whisking by hand often is replaced by the electric mixer, which brings with it a greater risk of turning the cream into butter (the result of the fatty droplets fusing and air being lost in the process).


The herpes simplex virus causes sores in and outside of the mouth, in the genital areas, as well as other parts of the body. A sign of eruption is a tingling sensation followed by blisters that eventually crust over and disappear. The virus lives in nerve cells, protected from immune-system defenses, and remains dormant most of the time for life. The virus is contracted by skin to skin contact. Triggers that can cause an outbreak are fatigue, viral infections, sunlight, menstruation, and stress. In some people, foods high in the amino acid arginine can bring about an eruption the highest amounts are found in chocolate, nuts, and gelatin. To test for sensitivity to arginine, eat a handful of nuts or chocolate and see if there is a reaction overnight.


What are the common sources of dietary caffeine Coffee, tea, chocolate, sodas, and sport drinks top the list. But always read labels, since caffeine is a very popular stimulant, and any new food product could have it added. Although coffee typically leads the list for sheer amounts of caffeine delivered to the consumer, it is important to know that on an ounce-for-ounce basis, chocolate can deliver as much caffeine as some of the weaker coffees, such as instant. On the same equal amount basis, chocolate can deliver more caffeine than tea. Chocolate can be harmful for a number of reasons. In addition to the caffeine content mentioned above, chocolate also contains smaller amounts of a related chemical, theobromine. Theobromine affects the body in much the same way as caffeine, but it is even more potent. When you take into consideration both the caffeine and theobromine content of chocolate, an indulgence in chocolate for some people could minimize the positive effects of much of this...

Substituting Foods

Dr Howard Shapiro has helped many people by pointing out to them how they can substitute certain foods, reduce calories, and lose weight. I like to show people his book, Picture Perfect Weight Loss, to show how making dietary substitutions like eating natural fruit desserts rather than canned or frozen ones can save hundreds of calories 26 . Patients understand the concept immediately. When highlighting this point, I say something like, So you're at a restaurant and you want to have a sweet dessert. Are you willing to have strawberries with whipped cream instead of the strawberry pie If you answer yes, then you just saved yourself about 300 to 400 calories and still enjoyed a dessert. Or I bring up the example of buying regular popcorn versus low-fat popcorn. The caloric difference for the same volume of popcorn is about 300 calories. Or consider the caloric difference between Breyer's 94 fat-free ice cream (90 calories per serving) compared to Breyer's regular ice cream (150 calories...


Eating too fast or too much puts pressure on the sphincter muscle, weakening it, as does too much body weight. Eating the wrong foods or food combinations can cause heartburn. Foods that can act as muscle relaxants causing the sphincter muscle to open inappropriately are chocolate, fatty foods, and alcohol. Foods that increase the acidity of the stomach are coffee, beer, milk, and colas. Coffee, citrus foods, hot spicy foods, and tomatoes can irritate an already sensitive esophagus. Anxiety and stress can interfere with digestion. It is best to eat 3 hours before lying down. Lying on the left side eases symptoms because the esophagus enters the stomach on the right. Drinking water at the first sign of pain can dilute irritating acids.


Treatment involves managing acute attacks and long-term prevention and control. In acute attacks, the herbs ephedra and lobelia have been used. Caffeine can help prevent asthmatic attacks up to three cups of coffee a day have a bron-chodilating effect relaxing the bronchial muscles. Finding and eliminating allergens is important. Some allergic reactions may not occur for a day or more after exposure to an allergen. Milk, besides being a possible allergen, contains a protein that causes an increase in mucus secretion. In asthmatics, airways in the lungs become clogged with mucus and other secretions. Other possible allergens are food additives, eggs, colas, nuts, chocolate, and MSG. Meat and dairy products contain fats that are inflammatory. Regular exercise expands lung capacity and strengthens the heart. Ionized air can help counteract allergenic reac

Selective Media

Isolate Neisseria gonorrhoeae from clinical specimens. This is chocolate agar to which three or more antimicrobial drugs have been added. The antimicrobials inhibit fungi, Gram-positive bacteria, and Gram-negative rods. Because these drugs do not inhibit most strains of N. gonorrhoeae, they allow growth with little competition from other organisms.


Epilepsy is a dysfunction of the electrical activity in the brain. Seizures may involve loss of consciousness or be of a milder form with symptoms such as momentary loss of awareness, rapid heart beat, sweating, and high blood pressure. The illness is not always, but can be, inherited. Children in a study who had both migraine headaches and epileptic seizures had no seizures or had fewer when foods they were allergic to were eliminated from the diet. The common offenders are cow's milk and cheese, citrus fruits, eggs, wheat, corn, pork, tomatoes, and chocolate. The dose of anticonvulsant drugs may be able to be lessened only after pursuing other alternatives and doing so gradually over many weeks. Drug therapy may always be necessary but at a level that has lesser side effects. The intention of adjunct or alternative therapy is to moderate brain activity. Eliminate stimulants that activate brain activity such as coffee, alcohol, tea, tobacco, colas, and chocolate.

The Cames Approach

The scientific basis for the CAMES approach has already been described. As a brief review, the C stands for cutting the amount of food a person eats. Portion control is central to any weight reduction program. The A represents adding healthy items to a patient's diet. Encouraging patients to eat more fruit, vegetables, fiber, or drinking more water improves the patient's health and reduces the amount of calories ingested from unhealthful foods like trans-fats. The M stands for moving the patient's window of eating to an earlier time zone. TV advertising encourages food consumption at all hours whether or not the viewer is hungry. If a patient is going to have popcorn every night, suggest reducing certain other foods during dinnertime and eating the popcorn earlier in the evening, not just before going to bed. The E stands for eliminating certain foods from an individual's diet. The decision to stop eating certain foods must be the patient's, not the physician's. The S represents...


Lymphangioma is an important vascular tumor of the orbit in children 4,28,50 . It tends to become clinically apparent during the first decade of life. It may case abrupt proptosis following orbital trauma, secondary to hemorrhage into the lymphatic channels within the lesion (Fig. 8.24). Such spontaneous hemorrhages, called chocolate cysts, may require aspiration or surgical evacuation to prevent visual loss from compression of the eye.

An unseen guest

I have heard all too often that children with autism are not capable of lying. Joe's blurring of fact and fiction throws a slightly different angle on that idea, however all four of the boys are quite capable of lying about whether or not they have done something wrong. The difference between them and the girls is that the boys cannot work out how their lies will be received. Matthew often refuses to admit that he is the one who took the last bar of chocolate, even when he has been

Complex Media

Many medically important bacteria are fastidious, requiring a medium that is even richer than nutrient agar. One rich medium commonly used in clinical laboratories is blood agar. This contains red blood cells, which supply a variety of nutrients including hemin, in addition to other ingredients. A medium used to culture even more fastidious bacteria is chocolate agar, named for its appearance rather than the ingredients. Chocolate agar contains lysed red blood cells and additional nutrients.

Get Enough Fluid

Drinking too little fluid can make you feel tired and can contribute to urinary tract infections and constipation, both of which are common problems for people with MS. However, many people affected by MS restrict their fluid intake. Therefore, it is very important to drink enough fluids or liquids. The recommendation is for eight glasses a day. There is no need to drink it all at once. In fact, it is better to divide it up and have some in the morning, some midmorn-ing, some midday, some in the afternoon, some in the evening, some late evening, and some if you are up at night. Water is the best choice. It has no calories and will not put on weight diet soda, seltzer, plain tea, and black coffee are other calorie-free sources of fluid. Sweet drinks like soda, sweetened iced teas, juices, and juice drinks will add calories. Milk, milk shakes, puddings, gelatin-based desserts, soups, sorbets, and ice cream also count as fluids.

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