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This informational set of DVDs is the best practical way for you to learn how to be increase your dental practice offerings and thus increase your business in general! These DVDs are done by profession, top dentists to give you the high-quality dental education that you need year after year. Why would you settle for less than the very best that the dental industry has to offer? You can learn everything that you need to in order for this series of dental videos to have the fullest impact. These course DVDs cover topics like Extraction with Socket Coverage, Root Coverage with Tunnel Technique, and Maxillary Labial Frenectomy. Everything that you need to know is covered in this complete guide! You will be able to get the great-quality dental education that you need, on topics that are normally hard to teach!

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Forensic Case Examples

To provide further insight into whether or not the dentist transmitted HIV to his patients, bioinformatics phylogenetics were employed. DNA sequence data from the HIVs from lymphocytes from each of the patients, the dentist, a local control group, and an outgroup were aligned and compared. The basis of the phylogenetic comparison is that sequences that are more similar are more closely related and share a more recent common ancestry than the sequences from other lineages.43,44 The analysis showed that the HIV nucleotide sequences from a number of the patients were closely related (although not exactly the same) to those from the dentist and were distinct from viruses obtained from control patients living in the same geographic area as the dental practice. The data strongly support (but not necessarily conclusively) that the patient HIV is closely related to the HIV from the dentist contracted the virus from the dentist.45

Alan H Gluskin William W Y Goon

More than a half century after the American poet Ogden Nash felt compelled to aim his satire at the dental profession, today's clinician is still challenged, in the last decade of the (wentieth century, to prove how far the practice of dentistry has come in its desire to provide painless and efficient care. No area of dental practice is more susceptible to the charge of inadequacy than the emergency visit for acute orofacial pain.

MCS and Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain

Trigeminal neuropathic facial pain is a syndrome of severe, constant facial pain related to disease of, or injury to, the trigeminal nerve or ganglion. Causes of trigeminal neuropathic pain can include injury from sinus or dental surgery, skull and or facial trauma, or intentional destruction for therapeutic reasons (deafferentation), as well as intrinsic pathology of any part of the trigeminal system (Burchiel, 2003). Despite extensive studies, no significant advances have occurred in its pharmacological treatment and it continues to be treated with anticonvulsant and antidepressant therapies. Many patients who fail surgical treatment for trigeminal neuralgia will develop trigeminal neuropathic pain (also called trigeminal deafferentation pain (Burchiel, 2003)), for which there are few, if any, effective treatments. Many treatments that are effective for trigeminal neuralgia can, in fact, worsen trigeminal neuropathic pain. Deep brain stimulation of well-defined targets in the...

Types Of General Anesthetic Agents

Nitrous oxide is a gas supplied in blue metal cylinders. Nitrous oxide is commonly referred to as laughing gas. Although nitrous oxide is a safe general anesthetic, it is relatively weak in terms of producing anesthesia and muscle relaxation. Consequently, nitrous oxide is often used in conjunction with other agents. Nitrous oxide is often used in dental surgery and in obstetrical practice during delivery.