xylem the type of tissue in vascular plants that provides support and conducts water and nutrients from the roots (564)

yeast a very small, unicellular fungus that ferments carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide; used to ferment beer and to leven bread and used as a source of vitamins and proteins (527) yolk sac the membrane that is attached to a vertebrate embryo and that encloses the yolk and thus stores energy reserves for the developing embryo (823)

Z line the line formed by the attachment of actin filaments between two sarcomeres of a muscle fiber in striated muscle cells (919)

zoonosis a disease that can pass from animals to humans; an example is Lyme disease, which can be passed from deer to humans through infected ticks (474) zygosporangium in members of the phylum Zygomycota, a sexual structure that is formed by the fusion of two gametangia and that contains one or more zygotes that resulted from the fusion of gametes produced by the gametangia (531) zygote the cell that results from the fusion of gametes; a fertilized egg (652)

Note: Page numbers followed by f refer to figures. Page numbers followed by t refer to tables.

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