biology organization cell unicellular multicellular organ tissue organelle biological molecule homeostasis metabolism cell division development reproduction gene figure 1-1

Biology, the study of life, directly applies to your health, life, and future in ways as simple as daily food choices.

Biology and Society

By studying biology you can make informed decisions on issues that impact you and our society. Every day newspapers, television, and the Internet contain issues that relate to biology. For example, you may read that your local water or air supply is polluted. How will that pollution affect your health and the health of other living things? You may hear about new technologies or tools that biologists have invented. How will we control how those technologies and tools are used? Biologists actively work to solve these and other real-world issues and problems, including improving our food supply, curing diseases and preserving our environment.

figure 1-2

Every living organism has a level of organization. The different levels of organization for a complex multicellular organism, such as an owl, are shown in the figure below.

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