Using Vocabulary

1. For each pair of terms, explain how the meanings of the terms differ.

a. unicellular and multicellular b. homeostasis and metabolism c. natural selection and adaptation d. hypothesis and theory e. magnification and resolution

2. Explain the relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable.

3. Use the following terms in the same sentence: observation, hypothesis, prediction, and experiment.

4. Word Roots and Origins The word magnification is derived from the Latin magnificus or magnus, which means "large" or "great." Using this information, explain why the term magnification is a good name for the function it describes.

Understanding Key Concepts

5. Describe why learning about biology is relevant to a person's life.

6. Describe one way in which biology affects our society.

7. Summarize the characteristics of living things.

8. List the hierarchy of organization in a snowy owl.

9. Explain how homeostasis and metabolism are interrelated.

10. Compare the processes of growth, development, and reproduction.

11. State three major themes found in biology.

12. Identify how the "tree of life" can help explain both the unity and diversity of life.

13. Describe the interdependence of living organisms.

14. Summarize how evolution helps explain the diversity of life.

15. Sequence the main steps of the scientific method.

16. Explain how observations are used to form hypotheses.

17. Summarize how biologists set up controlled experiments.

18. State the purpose of analyzing data that are collected during an experiment.

19. Summarize how a hypothesis becomes a theory.

20. Describe two types of scientific models.

21. Identify how a peer review keeps scientists honest.

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