Understanding Key Concepts

5. Explain why diffusion eventually results in equilibrium.

6. Identify whether all molecules diffuse through all cell membranes. Explain your answer.

7. Distinguish between diffusion and osmosis.

8. Describe what it means to say that two solutions are isotonic.

9. Define the term contractile vacuole. What is a contractile vacuole's function?

10. Determine how hypotonic, hypertonic and turgor pressure are interrelated.

11. Summarize the factors that determine the direction of net movement of water across a cell membrane.

12. Determine how the phospholipid bilayer of a membrane forms a barrier to molecules.

13. Explain how substances cross a cell membrane through facilitated diffusion.

14. Describe how ion channels assist in the diffusion of ions through a cell membrane.

15. Distinguish between passive transport and active transport.

16. Explain how a cell that consumes glucose can speed up its intake of glucose from the environment.

17. Identify how ATP is involved in maintaining the sodium and potassium gradients across a cell membrane.

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