The Excretory Organs

figure 48-19

The lungs, the kidneys, and the skin all function as excretory organs. The main excretory products are carbon dioxide, nitrogen wastes (urea), salts, and water.

The lungs excrete carbon dioxide and water vapor in exhaled air.

The kidneys excrete nitrogen wastes, salts, water, and other substances in urine.

The skin excretes water, salts, small amounts of nitrogen wastes, and other substances in sweat.

Although the kidneys, lungs, and skin belong to different organ systems, they all have a common function: waste excretion.

The kidneys are the primary excretory organs of the body. They play a vital role in maintaining the homeostasis of body fluids.

The lungs are the primary site of carbon dioxide excretion. The lungs carry out detoxification, altering harmful substances so that they are not poisonous. The lungs are also responsible for the excretion of the volatile substances in onions, garlic, and other spices.

The skin helps the kidneys control the salt composition of the blood. Some salt, water, nitrogen waste and other substances are excreted through perspiration. A person working in extreme heat may lose water through perspiration at the rate of 1 L per hour. This amount of perspiration represents a loss of about 10 to 30 g of salt per day. Both the water and salt must be replenished to maintain normal body functions.

Figure 48-19 summarizes some waste substances and the organ(s) that excrete them. Notice that undigested food is not in the figure. Undigested food is not excreted in the scientific sense; it is eliminated, meaning it is expelled as feces from the body without ever passing through a membrane or being subjected to metabolic processes. The term excretion correctly refers to the process during which substances must pass through a membrane to leave the body.

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