The Concept Of Species

You have learned that existing species are essentially changed versions of older species. The process of species formation, speciation (SPEE-shee-AY-shun), results in closely related species. Some are very similar to their shared ancestral species, whereas other descendant species become quite different over time.

Morphological Concept of Species

For many years, scientists used the internal and external structure and appearance of an organism—its morphology (mawr-FAHL-uh-jee)— as the chief criterion for classifying it as a species. Using the morphological concept of species, scientists defined species primarily according to structure and appearance. Because morphological characteristics are easy to observe, making species designations based on morphology proved convenient.

The morphological concept of species has limitations, however. There can be phenotypic differences among individuals in a single population. Notice, for example, the variation between the two red-tailed monkeys shown in Figure 16-9. To further complicate the matter, some organisms that appear different enough to belong to different species interbreed in the wild and produce fertile offspring. In response to the capacity of dissimilar organisms to reproduce, the biological species concept arose.

The Biological Species Concept

According to the biological species concept, as proposed by German-born, American biologist Ernst Mayr (1904-2005), a species is a population of organisms that can successfully interbreed but cannot breed with other groups. Although this definition is useful for living animals, the biological species concept does not provide a satisfactory definition for species of extinct organisms, whose reproductive compatibility cannot be tested. Nor is it useful for organisms that do not reproduce sexually. Thus, our modern definition of species includes components of both the morphological and biological species concepts. A species is a single kind of organism. Members of a species are morphologically similar and can interbreed to produce fully fertile offspring. The many species alive today diverged from a smaller number of earlier species.

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