Standardized Test Preparation

DIRECTIONS: Choose the letter of the answer choice that best answers the question.

1. An orb spider builds her web in exactly the same way every time. This is an example of what type of behavior?

A. random behavior

B. learned behavior

C. abnormal behavior

D. fixed action pattern behavior

2. What type of learning can only occur during a specific period early in an animal's life?

F. reasoning

G. assuming

H. imprinting

J. conditioning

3. A male lion kills all the young cubs of rival males. The genes of which of the following would be favored by this behavior?

A. the pride

B. the female

C. the male lion

D. the male lion's siblings

4. Which of the following represents classical conditioning?

F. rats feeding in Skinner boxes

G. a dog salivating at the sound of a bell

H. a male bullfrog croaking loudly in a pond J. a primate giving a warning signal to troop members

INTERPRETING GRAPHICS: The photo below shows ants following a pheromone trail. Use the photo to answer the questions that follow.

5. The behavior of the ants is most likely to be what type of behavior?

A. innate

B. learned

C. habituation

D. classical conditioning

6. What type of communication are the ants using?

F. visual communication

G. sound communication

H. communication by touch J. chemical communication

DIRECTIONS: Complete the following analogy.

7. aggression : competitive behavior :: altruism :

A. conditioning

B. social behavior

C. parental behavior

D. fixed action pattern behavior

INTERPRETING GRAPHICS: The photo below shows Konrad Lorenz with goslings that imprinted on him. Use the photo to answer the question that follows.

Little Bighorn Bodies

8. What is the most likely advantage to the behavior illustrated above?

F. Goslings who follow buckets are more successful in finding food.

G. Adult wild geese that associate with humans reproduce more successfully.

H. Traveling in single file is the most successful way for geese to avoid predators.

J. Goslings who follow their mother are more likely to find food and safety from predators.

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