Section 4

Ecosystem Recycling

• Key processes in the water cycle are evaporation, transpiration, and precipitation.

• Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are the two main steps in the carbon cycle.

Vocabulary biogeochemical cycle (p. 371) groundwater (p. 371) water cycle (p. 371) transpiration (p. 372)

carbon cycle (p. 372) nitrogen cycle (p. 373) nitrogen fixation (p. 373)

• Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are important in the nitrogen cycle because they change nitrogen gas into a usable form of nitrogen for plants.

• Phosphorus moves from phosphate deposited in rock, to the soil, to living organisms, and finally to the ocean.

nitrogen-fixing bacteria (p. 373) ammonification (p. 374)

nitrification (p. 374) denitrification (p. 374) phosphorus cycle (p. 374)

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