Section 4

Protists and Humans

• Protists produce large amounts of oxygen, form the foundation of food webs, recycle materials, and play a role in several symbiotic relationships.

• Algal blooms can lead to the depletion of oxygen in water. Red tides produce harmful toxins.

Vocabulary algal bloom (p. 517) chemotaxis (p. 517) alginate (p. 518) carrageenan (p. 518)

diatomaceous earth (p. 518) malaria (p. 519)

• Protists can help scientists understand the movement of leukocytes, provide food, and provide important byproducts, such as alginate, carrageenan, and agar.

• Parasitic protists cause malaria, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, and trichomoniasis in humans.

sporozoite (p. 519) merozoite (p. 519) gametocyte (p. 519)

giardiasis (p. 520) cryptosporidiosis (p. 520) trichomoniasis (p. 520)

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