Section 3

Genetic Engineering

• Genetic engineering is being used to provide therapies for certain genetic diseases.

• Gene therapy refers to treating genetic disorders by correcting a defect in a gene or by providing a normal form of a gene. Researchers hope that gene therapy can be used to cure genetic disorders in the future.

• In cloning by nuclear transfer, a nucleus from a body cell of one individual is introduced into an egg cell (without

Vocabulary gene therapy (p. 267)

cloning by nuclear transfer (p. 268)

its nucleus) from another individual. An organism identical to the nucleus donor results.

• Genetic engineering is used to produce disease-resistant, pest-resistant, and herbicide-resistant crops in an effort to improve the yields and nutrition of the human food supply.

• Some people fear that the release of genetically modified organisms would pose a separate environmental risk. Many safety, environmental, and ethical issues involved in genetic engineering have not been resolved.

bioethics (p. 270)

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