Section 3

Environmental Solutions

• Conservation biologists are concerned with identifying and maintaining ecosystems, while restoration biologists are usually involved with repairing badly damaged ecosystems.

• Populations of many migratory birds, such as the whooping crane, are in decline because of human activities. However, some populations are recovering as a result of legal protection, breeding programs, habitat restoration, and international partnerships.

• International and cooperative efforts to preserve habitat and prevent extinctions include identifying biodiversity hotspots, making debt-for-nature swaps, and promoting ecotourism.

• Environmental problems can be addressed through the combined efforts of governments, scientists, businesses, and individuals.

• The Everglades restoration project is the most ambitious ecosystem-wide restoration project attempted in the United States.

Vocabulary conservation biology (p. 446) bioindicator (p. 447) restoration biology (p. 446) biodiversity hotspot (p. 449)

ecotourism (p. 450) urban ecology (p. 452)

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