Section 2

Cell Division

• Cell division is the process by which cells reproduce themselves. Binary fission is the process of cell division in prokaryotes.

• The cell cycle is the repeating set of events in the life of a cell. The cell cycle consists of cell division and interphase.

• Cell division in eukaryotes includes nuclear division (mitosis) and the division of cytoplasm (cytokinesis).

• Interphase consists of growth (G1), DNA replication (S), and preparation for cell division (g2).

• Mitosis is divided into prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. Mitosis results in two offspring cells that are genetically identical to the original cell.

• During cytokinesis in animal cells, a cleavage furrow pinches in and eventually separates the dividing cell into two cells. In plant cells, a cell plate separates the dividing cell into two cells.

• Cell division in eukaryotes is controlled by many proteins. Control occurs at three main checkpoints. Cancer may

Vocabulary binary fission (p. 154) mitosis (p. 155)

asexual reproduction (p. 155) meiosis (p. 155)

gamete (p. 155) interphase (p. 155) cytokinesis (p. 155)

prophase (p. 156) spindle fiber (p. 156) metaphase (p. 157)

anaphase (p. 1S?) telophase (p. 1S?) cell plate (p. 1SB)

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