Section 2

Nonvascular Plants

• The three phyla of nonvascular plants are collectively called bryophytes. These plants do not have true roots, stems, or leaves. They are very small and are usually found in moist areas.

• Bryophytes in the phylum Bryophyta are mosses. Mosses are attached to the soil by structures called rhizoids. Peat moss is a moss that has many uses.

Vocabulary bryophyte (p. 567)

liverwort (p. 568)

• Bryophytes in the phylum Hepatophyta are liverworts. Liverworts lie close to the ground, which allows them to absorb water readily.

• Bryophytes in the phylum Anthocerophyta are hornworts. Hornworts do not have a stem or leaves. Hornworts have long, thin, hornlike sporophytes that grow out of the top of the plant.

hornwort (p. 569)

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