Section 2 Review

1. In what part of a mitochondrion does the Krebs cycle occur?

2. In what part of a mitochondrion is the electron transport chain located?

3. What four-carbon compound is regenerated at the end of the Krebs cycle?

4. What molecule does oxygen become a part of at the end of the electron transport chain?

5. Is cellular respiration more or less efficient than fermentation?

6. List the two processes that together result in cellular respiration.

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7. Predicting Results Sometimes protons leak out of a cell or are used for purposes other than ATP production. How would this loss of protons affect the production of ATP in aerobic respiration?

8. Inferring Relationships How does the arrangement of the cristae in the inner membrane of mitochondria affect the rate of aerobic respiration? Explain your answer.

9. Making Calculations Calculate the efficiency of cellular respiration if a cell generates 32 ATP molecules per molecule of glucose.

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