Section 2

Measuring Populations

• The exponential model describes perpetual growth at a steady rate in a population. The model assumes constant birth and death rates and no immigration or emigration.

• In the logistic model, birth rates fall and death rates climb as the population grows. When the carrying capacity is reached, the population becomes stable.

• Population-limiting factors are density-dependent if the effect on each individual depends on the number of other individuals present in the same area.

• Small populations have low genetic diversity and are subject to inbreeding, so they are less likely to adapt to environmental changes.

Vocabulary growth rate (p. 385) immigration (p. 385) emigration (p. 385)

exponential model (p. 386) limiting factor (p. 386) logistic model (p. 387)

carrying capacity (p. 387) density-independent factor (p. 388)

density-dependent factor (p. 388) inbreeding (p. 389)

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