Section 2

Insect Behavior

• Insects communicate by releasing pheromones and by producing sounds and flashes of light.

• Honeybees live in complex colonies consisting mostly of nonreproductive female workers that perform all duties except reproduction. Reproduction in each colony is the exclusive function of one queen and a few hundred male drones.

• Honeybees communicate the direction and distance to food sources by performing dances inside the hive.

• In defending the colony, worker bees show altruistic behavior toward their close relatives in the colony. By doing so, they increase the propagation of their own genes.

Vocabulary pheromone (p. 751) social insect (p. 752) innate behavior (p. 752)

worker bee (p. 752) queen bee (p. 752) drone (p. 752)

royal jelly (p. 752) queen factor (p. 753) altruistic behavior (p. 754)

kin selection (p. 754)

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