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Male Reproductive System

• The male reproductive structures include two testes, two epididymides, two vasa deferenta, the urethra, and the penis.

• The testes are contained in the scrotum, where the cooler temperature allows normal sperm development.

• Sperm form in the seminiferous tubules of the testes. Meiosis reduces the number of chromosomes in sperm to 23.

Vocabulary testis (p. 1049)

seminiferous tubule (p. 1049) scrotum (p. 1049)

epididymis (p. 1050) vas deferens (p. 1050) seminal vesicle (p. 1051)

• A mature sperm consists of a head, which contains the nucleus and chromosomes; a midpiece, which contains mitochondria; and a tail, which consists of a flagellum.

• Sperm take the following path to exit the body: seminiferous tubules of the testes —► epididymis —► vas deferens —► urethra.

• Fluids that are secreted by various exocrine glands are mixed with sperm to produce semen.

prostate gland (p. 1051) bulbourethral gland (p. 1051) semen ( p. 1051)

penis (p. 1051) ejaculation (p. 1051)

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