Section 1

An Interconnected Planet

• Earth's geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere are interconnected in many ways. Life exists in parts of each sphere. Together, these parts make up the biosphere.

• Important parts of the atmosphere are greenhouse gases, which trap heat on Earth, and the ozone layer, which shields Earth from UV radiation.

• A very small portion of the hydrosphere is fresh water, and much of this fresh water is not easily usable.

• Biodiversity refers to the variety of life found in an area and can be measured in different ways, including by species richness, species evenness, and genetic diversity.

Vocabulary environmental science (p. 435) geosphere (p. 435) hydrosphere (p. 435)

atmosphere (p. 435) ozone layer (p. 436) greenhouse effect (p. 436)

biosphere (p. 437) biodiversity (p. 438) species diversity (p. 438)

genetic diversity (p. 438)

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