Section 1

Phylum Arthropoda

• Arthropods are segmented animals that have jointed appendages, an exoskeleton, a high degree of cephalization, a ventral nerve cord, and an open circulatory system.

• To grow, an arthropod must shed its exoskeleton periodically in a process called molting.

• The five major subphyla of Arthropoda are Trilobita, Crustacea, Chelicerata, Myriapoda, and Hexapoda.The subphylum Trilobita consists of extinct animals called trilobites.

Vocabulary arthropod (p. 723) appendage (p. 723) chitin (p. 723)

compound eye (p. 723) molting (p. 724)

trilobite (p. 724) tagma (p. 724)

mandible (p. 724) chelicera (p. 724)

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