1. How do mitochondria contribute to free radical formation?

2. How could research on mitochondria be helpful to society?

3. Critical Thinking Evaluate the following statement: Mitochondria—we can't live with them; we can't live without them. Topic: Cancer Cells Keyword: HM60209

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The Importance of Oxygen

ATP can be synthesized by chemiosmosis only if electrons continue to move from molecule to molecule in the electron transport chain. The last molecule in the electron transport chain must pass electrons on to a final electron acceptor. Otherwise, the electron transport chain would come to a halt. Consider what would happen if cars kept entering a dead-end, one-way street. At some point, no more cars could enter the street. Similarly, if the last molecule could not "unload" the electrons it accepts, then no more electrons could enter the electron transport chain and ATP synthesis would stop. By accepting electrons from the last molecule in the electron transport chain, oxygen allows additional electrons to pass along the chain. As a result, ATP can continue to be made through chemiosmosis.

figure 7-12

Follow each pathway to see how one glucose molecule can generate up to 38 ATP molecules in cellular respiration when oxygen is present.


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