Reproduction And Parental Care

There are three patterns of reproduction among reptiles. The differences between these three patterns lie in how long the eggs remain within the female and in how she provides them with nutrition.

In oviparity, the female's reproductive tract encloses each egg in a tough protective shell. The female then deposits the eggs in a favorable place in the environment. Oviparity is characteristic of most reptiles, all birds, and three species of mammals.

One way to protect delicate eggs is to retain the eggs within the female's body for a time. This strategy, seen in some reptiles including American pit vipers, is called ovoviviparity. The eggs may be laid shortly before hatching, or they may hatch within the female's body. The eggs absorb water and oxygen from the female, but they receive no nutrition other than the yolk.

In viviparity, a shell does not form around the egg, and the young are retained within the female's body until they are mature enough to be born. Nutrients and oxygen are transferred from mother to embryo through a structure called the placenta. The placenta forms from the membranes within the egg, and it brings blood vessels from the embryo near the vessels of the mother. Viviparity is the reproductive pattern shown by most mammals, but it is also found in a few species of lizards and snakes.

Many reptiles provide no care for their eggs or young. However, some species of lizards and snakes guard and warm the eggs until they hatch. Crocodiles and alligators provide the greatest amount of parental care. A female crocodilian, for example, builds a nest for her eggs. She remains nearby while the eggs incubate, guarding against nest-robbing predators. After the young hatch, she breaks open the nest and carries the hatchlings to the water in her mouth, as shown in Figure 41-12. The mother crocodile may protect her young for a year or more.

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