Phase II

The beginning or worsening of symptoms marks the start of the second phase of HIV infection. B cells continue to make a large amount of antibody against HIV. However, as shown in Figure 47-11, the number of T cells drops steadily as the virus continues to replicate. As the immune system fails, lymph glands become swollen, and fatigue, weight loss, fever, or diarrhea develop or worsen. Some infected people may notice mental changes, such as forget-fulness and abnormal thinking patterns.

In phase III, the number of helper T cells drops so low that they can no longer stimulate B cells and cytotoxic T cells to fight invaders. As a consequence, the amount of anti-HIV antibody falls, and HIV levels rise dramatically. The virus continues destroying the few helper T cells remaining. AIDS is diagnosed when the helper T-cell count drops to 200 cells per milliliter of blood or lower (a normal amount is 600 to 700 helper T cells per milliliter).

AIDS may also be diagnosed if an opportunistic infection has developed. Opportunistic infections are illnesses caused by pathogens that produce disease in people with weakened immune systems. These organisms usually do not create problems in people with a healthy immune system. Opportunistic infections include pneumocystis pneumonia, tuberculosis, and a rare infection of the brain called toxoplasmosis. Rare cancers such as Kaposi's sarcoma, which causes purplish-red blotches on the skin, can also signal the onset of AIDS.

Drug therapy can slow the progress from HIV infection to AIDS. But AIDS is fatal. Few individuals live more than two years after an AIDS diagnosis. It is important to note that HIV itself does not cause death. Rather, death results from the weakened immune system's inability to fight opportunistic infections and cancers.

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