Part D

Response to Surface Texture

12. Trace the outline of the bottom of a Petri dish on one of the fabrics. Cut the circle out of the fabric and fold it in half. Then cut along the fold to produce two half-circles.

13. Repeat step 12 using the other three fabrics. You should now have eight half-circles.

14. Tape together two half-circles, each of a different fabric. Place the full circle in the bottom of a Petri dish, tape side down, as shown in the figure below.

15. On a sheet of paper, draw the fabric circle and label the two types of fabric that make up the circle.

16. Place a pill bug in the center of the circle and observe its movements. One student should keep track of the amount of time the animal spends on each fabric.

On the drawing that was made in step 15, the other student should draw the path the pill bug travels in the circle. After 5 minutes, stop your observations and record the amount of time the pill bug spent on each fabric.

17. Repeat steps 14-16 for two other pairs of fabrics.

18. jjk. Return the pill bugs to their container. ^^ ^r Clean up your materials and wash your hands before leaving the lab.

Analysis and Conclusions

1. In Part A, why was the entire filter paper moistened?

2. In Part B, why was there a slight separation between the wet and dry halves of the filter paper?

3. In Part C, why was the entire filter paper moistened?

4. In Part D, which fabric did the pill bugs prefer? Describe the texture of that fabric.

5. How do the responses of pill bugs to light, moisture, and food in these experiments reflect adaptations to their natural surroundings?

6. How is being able to detect surface texture a good adaptation for pill bugs in their natural habitat?

Further Inquiry

1. Design an experiment to investigate the response of pill bugs to temperature. Think carefully about how you will construct your apparatus. Seek approval from your teacher before you actually conduct this experiment. How do you think the pill bugs will respond?

2. Design an experiment to investigate whether pill bugs have preferences for certain types of food.

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