Part C

Identifying Unknown Cells

13. Make a data table like the one below to record your observations of the unknown specimens.

14. Obtain prepared slides of three unknown specimens from your teacher.

15. Observe each specimen under low and high power. In your data table, record the code number assigned to each unknown, each specimen's classification as plant or animal, and your reasons for classifying each specimen.

16. Jjt^ Clean up your materials, and wash your hands before leaving the lab.

Analysis and Conclusions

1. According to your observations in this investigation, list several ways that plant and animal cells are structurally similar and several ways that they are different.

2. What do you think might be the function of cytoplasmic streaming in a plant cell? Lugol's iodine solution causes cytoplasmic streaming to stop. Why do you think this happens?

3. Which organelles that you read about in this chapter did you not see in this investigation? Why do you think you were unable to see these organelles in your slides?

Further Inquiry

Use library resources to locate electron micrographs of cell structures that you were unable to see with the compound light microscope.

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