Part C

9. The chloroplasts may be moving in some of the cells. If you observe no movement, warm the slide in your hand or shine a bright lamp on it for a minute or two. Then, reexamine the slide under high power, and look for the movement of the cell's contents. This movement is called cytoplasmic streaming.

10. Because the cell membrane is pressed against the cell wall, you may not see it. Also, the abundance of chloroplasts may hide other organelles in the cells. You can make the cell membrane, vacuole, nucleus, and nucleolus more visible by making a stained wet-mount slide of Elodea.

11. J^ A Put on a lab apron and safety gog gles. Prepare a wet-mount slide of Elodea as you did in step 4, but substitute Lugol's iodine solution for the water. Allow the iodine solution to diffuse throughout the leaf.

12. Observe the stained cells under low and high power. Make a drawing of a stained Elodea cell in your lab report. Label the central vacuole, nucleus, nucleolus, chloroplasts, cell wall, and cell membrane if they are visible.

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