Part B

Plant Cells

5. Carefully tear off a small leaf near the top of an Elodea sprig. Using forceps, place the whole leaf in a drop of water on a slide. Place a coverslip on top of the leaf.

6. Observe the leaf under low power. The outermost part of the cell is the cell wall. The many small, green organelles in the cells are chloroplasts.

7. Locate a cell that you can see clearly, and move the slide so that the cell is in the center of the field of view. Examine this cell under high power, and use the fine adjustment to bring the cell into focus.

8. Find an Elodea cell that is large enough to allow you to see the cell wall and the chloroplasts clearly. In your lab report, make a drawing of this cell. Label the cell wall and at least one chloroplast in your drawing.

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