Part B

Comparing Amounts of Growth

7. After one week, examine each dish under the stereo-microscope without opening the dish.

8. Record your observations in your data table in your lab report.

9. Examine the fungi in other groups' dishes, especially fungi grown under different environmental conditions.

10. Add your observations of those dishes to your lab report.

11. ¿Ob iftk Clean up your materials, and wash your yr hands before leaving the lab. Dispose of all materials according to instructions provided by your teacher.

Analysis and Conclusions

1. Besides the environmental conditions you chose, what additional factor was tested in your experiment?

2. What steps were taken in your experiment to avoid contamination of the plates?

3. How would contamination of the plates affect the results of your experiment? What are the possible sources of contamination of your experiment?

4. What does extensive fungal growth on a plate indicate? What does lack of fungal growth on a plate indicate?

5. What effect does propionic acid have on fungal growth? How do you know?

6. Why do you think propionic acid is added to foods?

7. Which environmental conditions favor fungal growth? Which inhibit it?

8. Compare the results for the different kinds of fungi grown. Did fungi from certain food sources grow more rapidly than others?

9. Based on your conclusions, under what conditions would you keep a nonsterile food product if you wanted to prevent it from becoming moldy?

10. Has this lab changed your attitude toward food storage? If so, how?

Further Inquiry

Design an experiment that determines which kinds of foods best support fungal growth and whether the presence of chemicals inhibits fungal growth.

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